Exercise Builds an Appetite.

GLER May13

All the hard work in the gym or pool builds up your appetite. Or maybe you just need a place to relax while the kids are in swimming lessons. Call into the Café to satisfy your appetite or to take some time out.  We have a good variety of products to purchase ranging from:

  • Snacks
  • Cold drinks
  • Ice Creams
  • Coffee

Green Light Eat Right.


Green Light Eat Right (GLER) is a program aimed at improving the range and access to nutritious food in the City of Melbourne. The program enables consumers to make more informed food choices.

A criteria based on a traffic light system is used to assess and label food according to either, Green (Healthiest Choice), Amber (Ok choice) or Red (Less Healthy Choice). 

We have a variety of products through the traffic light colour system, to match everyones needs.

For more information on the Green Light Eat Right program click on the following link