Junior sports at Kensington

  • Date: 13 November 2014
  • Category: General
Kids on Swings

Kids have one pace – full steam ahead! 

Here at Kensington the kids channel this energy into our netball & soccer programs.  These programs are great for refining gross motor skills, developing coordination, learning team culture and most importantly, keeping kids healthy & active!  The kids spend their hour with a smile on their dial whilst learning valuable ball skills. 

New friends are made as they share a common interest, which will hopefully lend them to a lifetime of enjoying being active and keeping off those screens!

Our younger kids don’t miss out either.  We have Edgym and dance classes which keep them on their toes and builds on their body coordination, confidence & self-esteem. 

The music adds to the fun and gives these youngsters a stimulating environment to get their bodies moving! 


For more information, please contact the centre (03) 9376 1633 or email: kensington@ymca.org.au