Kyle's Great Opportunity

  • Date: 24 August 2016
  • Category: General
IMG 1317

As you may have noticed, Kyle has vanished from the Kensington pool but he will be back! 

Kyle was accepted into an internship through the YMCA and has jetted off to Hong Kong. 

During this Hong Kong internship, Kyle has been placed in two separate camp programs. One is called ICCP which is a cultural integration camp whereby representatives from other countries run activities, games and cooking classes in order to give the children some cultural experience!

The camp runs for four days with a theme for each day (introduction, culture, city hunt and sports) and we are with the kids for the entirety of the camp. The second program is called the "Wellness" program which is a Monday to Friday day camp where the kids arrive at 9am and leave at 5pm every day.

The ICCP camps are great fun and are focused around getting active, being out doors and having fun.

During his time off, Kyle has taken the chance to explore the beautiful city and visit some of the islands of the coast with locals and friends from the program.

"Hong Kong has completely exceeded my expectations and the program has really helped me grow with the amount of responsibility and leadership opportunities given to me,"says Kyle. 

We can't wait to have Kyle back in the pool and to hear about his amazing travels.