Northern Buddy - Referrals

  • Date: 05 August 2019
  • Category: General


Hi potential client,


Northern Buddies is a new program under the Multicultural Communities Team of the Brotherhood of St. Laurence.


The Northern Buddies program matches volunteers with people from multicultural backgrounds to support them in their settlement and achieving their goals in Australia. This could include supporting people to find a course, find a job, connect into their local area, engage in a hobby, find activities for their family, get support with study skills and practising English, or supporting a group of people to reach their goals.


Northern Buddies is has built a pool of volunteers. Who are willing to give 2 hours a week to support someone like you in the community. We have a diverse group of motivated volunteers who bring different skills, experiences and languages to the program. All volunteers have received training and ongoing support with the program. All volunteers are inducted and undergo training sessions to ensure they have the skills they need to be a Northern Buddy.


We are now ready to receive referrals for participants who are interested in having a Northern Buddy to provide them with support. The program is open to people from multicultural communities across Melbourne’s northern metropolitan region, regardless of visa type or length of time they have been in Australia.

If you or someone you know are interested in having a Northern Buddy, please get in touch with the Northern Buddies program in the Multicultural Communities Team at the Brotherhood of St Laurence at or on 9422 5650.

We look forward to hearing from you.