Swim Desk Update

  • Date: 16 November 2016
  • Category: General
Swim desk portal

Our Swim School practice is that we constantly conduct assessments throughout the term for all students. If you feel like your child may have missed being assessed please approach your TIC (Teacher in Charge) and they will be happy to assess your child and provide feedback on their progress.

Students are assessed on all skills, and in particular stroke development competencies, which vary level to level.  This is recorded as a grading number (1-4) n the SwimDesk system and is available for you to access through your portal.  The number relating to the performance of each skill may not change each time a student is assessed.

Explanations of the assessment grading criteria are:

1: Introduced (not yet competent)

2: Basic Skill (can perform skill at a basic level but not consistently)

3: Intermediate Skill (can perform skill but needs work to improve on technique)

4: Life skill (achieved and can perform consistently)

SwimDesk at this time only recognises assessment of a skill if the assessment grading criteria changes. This means that the date of assessment on a particular skill may not change on the SwimDesk Parent portal. This does not mean that the student has not been assessed on this skill. It is very common for these numbers (1-4) not to change each assessment. Progressing and improving on consistently performed skills does take time and we want your child to learn technically correct skills.

If you have any questions regarding this process please talk to the TIC on duty.