Swimming Lessons Newsletter

  • Date: 22 June 2017
  • Category: General
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Term Dates

Term 2 Ends – Sunday 2nd of July

Term 3 Starts – Monday 10th of July

Term 3 Ends – Sunday 24th of September


NEW! Make-Up Lesson Policy

The Swimming Lesson Make-Up Policy has been reviewed and amended.

Make-Up lessons will be provided under the following conditions:

  1. Each swimming membership participant is entitled to 1 x Make-up lesson per term. A reason does not need to be provided.
  2. If your lesson falls on a Public Holiday, a Make-up lesson will be provided during that week dependent on availability.
  3. If illness prevents a participant from attending their swimming lesson and a medical certificate is provided, the participant is entitled to a Make-up lesson.

*Availability of Make-Up Lessons may vary from your usual Swimming Lesson booking time and is dependent on positions vacant.

Full copy of the ‘Swimming Lesson Membership Terms & Conditions’ is available at reception.



If you don’t know about SwimDesk or have access to the portal please email Jess – Aquatics Coordinator jessica.sibley@ymca.org.au

Unfortunately, we haven’t had full access to utilise SwimDesk over the month of May/June but will be back in action very soon!

The SwimDesk portal is the best way to track student’s progress and competencies for their swimming lesson level. If you do ever wish to have further feedback please approach the TIC (Teacher In Charge) on your swimming lesson day.