Tuesday Social Soccer Kick-around

  • Date: 28 April 2015
  • Category: General
  • Author: Paula
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New to the centre are our Tuesday night Social Soccer Kick-around.  This unique set-up allows individuals or teams to participate in social soccer matches at the centre and we provide the courts, teams & referees.  Matches start at set times and players arrive throughout the the  night and can play as many games as they like.  This is a fabulous way to play soccer when you don't have a team or if you have a team who just wants to have a kick-around.

Details outlined below:

Days:  Tuesday evenings

Match Times: 7:00pm, 7:25pm, 7:50pm 

Match length: 2x 10 minute halves with straight swap over at half time and 5 minutes between matches

Cost: Player "registration" is $10 & this involves filling out a registration form and is valid for the "season".  There is also a $5 per match fee to be paid each week.

Contact the centre to find out more or just turn up on Tuesday evenings.