Swimming Lesson Suspension

Summer holiday suspensions are available to all students in our Swimming Lessons Program.

Suspensions are available from 18th December 2017 to 14th January 2018.

If you do choose to suspend your Swimming Lessons Membership during the school holidays, you will not have unlimited access to the pool and your reciprocal rights during this time.

It is your responsibility to activate your suspension prior to 17/12/2017 by:

1. Filling out a ‘Membership Amendment Form’ in person at the centre
2. Logging your ‘Membership Suspension’ online using the form on this page.

If you choose not to suspend your membership over January, you will enjoy unlimited access to the Kensington pool as well as, North Melbourne Recreation Centre, Carlton Baths and Melbourne City Baths pools to practice your skills and cool down over summer.

Suspension Form: 

If you would like to suspend your child's swimming lessons over the summer period, please fill in the form below.
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