Swimming Program

The 44 week program is designed to allow students to become more proficient and safe in and around the water. Swimming lessons are held during the school term as well as the first week of the school holidays. The impact of a longer period without lessons can often result in students losing some of the skills they have learnt during the term.

A breakdown of the Swimming Lessons membership fees is as follows:

  • Lesson cost is $16.75 per lesson
  • $16.75 x 44 weeks = $737.00
  • The total cost is divided by 48 weeks to include 1 week where no lessons are conducted each term.
  • This totals $30.70 per fortnight (direct debit amount).

The remaining 4 weeks unaccounted for (totalling 52 weeks) is where you are eligible to suspend your Swimming Lessons membership over summer, between December and January. This can be done via our website or in person within the centre, and only during term 4.

If you suspend your membership over summer you will not have access to the centre under that membership and casual entry must be paid.

If you do not suspend over summer you will have access to Kensington, Carlton Baths, North Melbourne Recreation Centre and Melbourne City Baths.

If there is any confusion regarding the 44 week program please contact our Aquatics Coordinator via email: jessica.sibley@ymca.org.au